The reason for this site . . .

When I lost my dear Bo on July 12, 2007, I began to spend a lot of time on the internet searching for a garden stepping stone to put in what I started calling "Bo's Garden". I was shocked by the amount of things I found available, but more so by the prices! Everything was so expensive. But, in my vulnerable condition, I paid whatever the price was, just to get something I thought was special enough for my Bo.

Soon after, I decided that I would like provide some of these item to people experiencing a similar loss, but at reasonable prices. So, that is when I decided to start this site, and donate all the profits to the many rescue groups in need of support. Afterall, I had adopted Bo, and this seemed like a good way to help "pay it forward".

Here you'll find items made with love, at reasonable prices, to offer anyone wanting a special remembrance their pet.
I hope you find something just perfect for you!

Memorial Magazine Cover

Your beautiful cat, remembered in a very special way, with a customized magazine cover. This is printed on high quality photo paper, and is ready for framing in an 8"x10" frame.
Please provide your cat's name and your state. If you'd like to include a special fact about your kitty I will try to work that in.
Price: $15 (plus $5 shipping)

Memorial Cat Poem

Printed on high quality photo paper and ready to frame in an 8"x10" frame. Please provide your kitty's name, and I'll do the rest.  Price: $15 (plus $5 shipping).

The "Poem for a Cat" reads as follows:

And God asked the feline spirit “Are you ready to come home?”
“Oh, yes, quite so”, replied the precious soul.
“And, as a cat, you know I am most able
to decide anything for myself”.
“Are you coming then?” asked God.
“Soon”, replied the whiskered angel, “but I must come slowly.
My human friends are troubled for you see,
they need me, quite certainly.”
“But don’t they understand?” asked God,
“That you’ll never leave them?
That your souls are intertwined for all eternity?
That nothing is created or destroyed?
It just is . . . forever and ever and ever”.
“Eventually they will understand”, replied the glorious cat.
“For I will whisper into their hearts
that I am always with them,
I just am . . . forever and ever and ever.”
                                                                         - - - author unknown

Rememberance Tree

This is not something I provide, but I just love the idea, and have sent many. I can highly recommend this site!
You can find them here: "Mail a Tree"
Mail-A-Tree is a live Colorado Blue Spruce (sent to most states) or Meyer Spruce (sent to warm southern states) tree seedling in a 10" reusable tube which creates a micro-climate in which the seedling can survive for up to 30 days before being planted inside or out (planting instructions included). You have your choice of colored end caps, recycled paper and your choice of many poems which may be personalized or create your own message at no additional cost. Mail-A-Tree seedlings are 100% guaranteed to arrive fresh and healthy! Any Mail-A-Tree that arrives less than satisfactory will be replaced immediately if you notify the company within 48 hours of receipt. Mail-A-Tree's may be sent all year round within the USA only. This beautiful little tree is only $8.95 and that includes shipping!